The affordable, easy-to-use handheld tester for techs at any level. With SmartOTDR, generic or user-defined setup configurations eliminate setup errors and maintain results consistency. One-touch operation and a single results window ensure fast and easy measurements, while robust wireless connectivity options increase productivity anywhere.


Ø  Combines all essential fiber tests in one handheld with visual fault locator (VFL), optical power meter (OPM), and P5000i microscope options

Ø  Simplifies OTDR analysis with Smart Link Mapper (SLM) option

Ø  Single-/dual-/tri-wavelength versions with 1310/1550 nm and in-service 1625 or 1650 nm wavelengths

Ø  Available in different dynamic ranges from 30dB to 45dB and more.

Ø  Available models SmartOTDR 100A/B, MTS2000, MTS4000


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