Portable Firefighting Pump

We offer comprehensive range of portable firefighting pumps to meet the demands of the global fire services. Lightweight, compact and outstanding discharge volumes are the most essential factors of the pumps. The latest technology into their engine and pump body, developed for high performance and environmentally friendly emissions.  Firefighting Pumps operate with low noise levels and are compact, light and can be easily carried. Each pump is self-contained allowing firefighters to quickly set up and operate in an environment where seconds count. Each fire pump is equipped to allow quick and powerful priming, ease of lifting and transportation by the rotating handles. Hoses are easily deployed with a rotating discharge port. Pumps also incorporate a reticulating water cooling system to insure reliability and optimal performance. Pump has developed the industry's first EFI engine system, that allows easy starting of the engine, even when the battery is flat. Each pump is fitted with a manual recoil pull starter.